Aviation Alphabet


Aviation Alphabet will help you quickly memorize the radio communication phonetic word/letter codes. You do not need to study them first - Aviation Alphabet will teach you as you go.

To begin, push one of the start buttons. A letter will appear in the upper left hand box. Type the corresponding word in the right hand box next to the letter (sorry, spelling counts!), and press the Enter key or click the Enter button. If you can't remember the word, type in your best guess or just leave it blank. Hint: since we are concerned with radio communication, say the word aloud before typing it.

If you typed the correct word, the lower box will display 'Correct' and the Enter button will change to the Next button. Press the Enter key or click the Next button to go on to the next letter.

If your answer was not correct, the lower box will display 'The correct answer is:' together with the correct word. Now go ahead and type the correct word, and press the Enter key or click the Enter button.

Continue as above for as long as you wish. You'll find yourself quickly memorizing the correct words.

Aviation Alphabet works in two modes:

Start1 will run through all 26 letters in random order, keeping track of which ones you miss. After completing this, it will go back and review by randomly asking you all of the ones you missed. Then it will go back and review again by randomly asking you all of the letters you missed a second time. These reviews continue until you have correctly entered the word for every letter. At this point, the program starts a new cycle with all 26 letters.

The numbers and letters that will appear in the bottom left corner tell you the number of cycles you've gone through (1, 2, 3, ...) and the number of reviews for the current cycle (1a, 1b, 1c, ...).

Start2 will simply ask letters randomly for as long as you wish. Each letter has an equal chance of being selected next, regardless of which letters have already been displayed.

The Exit button may be used to close your web browser.

Note: Aviation Alphabet is completely contained in this .htm web page - it does not have to be loaded from a server to operate. You may save the file on your PC and then run it later by opening the file offline in your browser. It is coded in Visual Basic script and requires Internet Explorer version 4 or better. It may or may not work in Netscape using the VB plugin, although you are welcome to try.


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