***SOLD*** 1946 Ercoupe For Sale ***SOLD***

This is a REAL Ercoupe - no rudder pedals!

Price: $20,000.00

Current based at Mercer County Airport, Bluefield, WV (BLF)

The ercoupe is one of the easiest to fly and most fun airplanes ever built. It's great for local flying or building hours and also tours well at 7500 to 9500 feet. It was built as a 'C' model in 1946 and was converted to a 'D' model in 1963 with a gross weight of 1400 pounds.

11/30/2004: This ercoupe has sold and will be seen in the future in the skys around Brookline, Massachusetts.


The engine is a C-85. It has about 250 hours since I overhauled it in October, 2000, and is the best engine on an ercoupe you'll find anywhere. Details of the overhaul are:
  • Case halves overhauled by Divco
  • New Millennium cylinders
  • New O-200 crankshaft, connecting rods, and pistons from Aircraft Specialties per STC # SE00979AT.
  • New cam shaft (old one was red tagged when sent out to Aircraft Specialties)
  • Hydraulic lifters sent out for overhaul to Aircraft Specialties - 2 were red tagged and replaced
  • Accessory case overhauled by Drake Air (this rebuilds the oil pump housing)
  • New Marvel-Schebler carburetor from Precision Air per STC # SE01309AT. This adds a standard mixture control, which the original carb didn't have.
  • Both Bendix mags overhauled by Aero Accessories
  • Generator overhauled by Aero Electric
  • Starter overhauled by Aero Electric
  • Fuel Pump overhauled by Aero Accessories

Other Features

  • Recent annual (September, 2004)
  • All ADs complied with
  • Wings have been removed for inspection - no significant corrosion found - treated with Corrosion-X
  • All control rod ends/bearings replaced - controls are very tight and smooth
  • Radio and Transponder
  • Engine analyzer (EGT/CHT all 4 cylinders, etc.)
  • Fabric wings
  • Fuel consumption: 4 to 6 gal/hour depending on power setting, altitude, and leaning
  • Cruise: aprx 100 MPH airspeed

Contact info:

  • Chuck Bevitt
  • Chuck@Bevitt.ws
  • (540) 921-4051 home
  • (540) 921-7230 cell and voice mail

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(These are the seats if the pilot is 6' 5", like me.)